At Broadway Olympia, we believe that the arts are not a luxury or an afterthought, but rather a critical element of society, one which helps us understand each other on an intimate level that words alone often fail to express.

Our mission is to improve our community by expanding the opportunities for both amateur and professional performing arts in Olympia, as well as all of Thurston County. We are committed to creating a sustainable program which operates on an independent, financially viable business model.

We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and as such, Broadway Olympia will take every opportunity to support and promote any and all performing arts organizations within our broad community. We welcome opportunities for partnership and collaboration, as well as any activities which serve to unite the world of performing arts.

Our commitments can by summed up in the following:

  • We are committed to constantly improving our quality

  • We are committed to creating new opportunities

  • We are committed to expanding

  • The Arts in Thurston County

  • We are committed to partnership and collaboration

Everything you ever do is a new opportunity to be the best you’ve ever been. LET'S GO DO GREAT THINGS!

Tel. 360-684-1255  I  info@broadwayolympia.com

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